The Trouble With Worgs

How to succeed at dying without really trying

Kaz, Petru, Danya, and Elara finished exploring the entirety of the Greenbelt — at a terrible cost. A midnight attack by a massive pack of Worgs laid the leaders of Erastland low.

The kingdom’s coffers were tapped to reincarnate their fallen heroes, but only two – Petru and Kaz – heeded the call and returned to the land of the living. Elara and Danya journeyed on to Pharasma’s Spire and their final rewards.

As the kingdom mourned, an unexpected visit from a friend thought long dead brought new hope to the beleaguered leadership: Nikolai Surtova, dour-faced and bearing an enchanted Black Blade, returned to the lands of his demise to deliver a message from Restov.

The settlement of Varnhold has gone silent, and with Issia casting suspicious glances at southern Brevoy and the threat of civil war ever looming, the Swordlords cannot afford to be seen giving aid to Varnhold. As such, they’ve asked the Leaders of Erastland to discover the settlement’s fate.

A bit more than a year later, Erastland’s borders have expanded significantly, along with its prosperity. From this position of strength, Petru, Kaz, Nikolai, and their new friend (and General) Marta set forth to investigate the Varnhold Vanishing.

At Varnhold, they discovered the entire populace missing, their homes ransacked, livestock abandoned, and a single word carved on a door: “Nomen”. There is a centaur clan nearby that goes by this name, and their relationship with the humans of Varnhold was far from friendly.

In addition, a visiting scholar was studying an ancient jade bracelet that seemed to him to have some connection to the Centaurs and to some powerful being named Vordakai.

If that was not enough, it seems that Varnhold has recently become the home base of a clan of Spriggans; another group who have a feud with the Nomen Centaurs, and who may well have stolen a powerful magic bow from them.

The heroes stand at the gates of Varnhold’s fort, pondering the thin line of smoke that indicated this place is not as abandoned as they’d thought…


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