Shrikewall Rises

A year passes, filled with industry and striving. Thousands of settlers, craftspeople, and more throng to the fledgeling nation being created in the Greenbelt. The capitol of this new kingdom is the frontier city of Shrikewall, built around the old Stag Lord’s fort (now a mighty castle). The heroes of the Greenbelt are now the rulers of a Kingdom of hard-working and determined frontiersmen, and their first year was fraught with challenges as well as rewards.

The most notable event (or series of events) in Shrikewall’s early days was the reign of terror brought on by the bloody work of the Shrikewall Slasher (or Slayer, or Stalker, or any number of colorful epithets. Shrikewall lacks a dedicated news concern to label such things). The Slasher took a total of ten victims over the course of several months, making a mockery of the authorities and sewing fear throughout the populace.

When the culprit was finally apprehended, it turned out to have been a deranged innkeeper who cultivated and groomed his victims before ritualistically pinioning them to walls and floors where he could watch them suffer and die for hours. The man, who’s name has been struck from all records, was hanged from the city wall (of which there was one).

Once the terror of the Slasher was past, Shrikewall recovered quickly. The leadership began to explore their new territory, and returned to their adventuring ways.

They rescued a young lad from torture by Lizardfolk, in the process assuring a peaceful relationship with their cold-blooded neighbors.

They discovered and apprehended a hapless Kellid tribesman, who unbeknownst to him, was a ravening Werewolf. Upon curing him, the Heroes debated his fate and decided that it was in the nature of their nation to provide opportunities for redemption through service. The former lycanthrope was turned over to Akiros, who has taken the man’s rehabilitation to heart.

Now a new day dawns over the kingdom. Where will the Heroes turn their keen blades next?


How have the townspeople been responding to our decision on the lycanthrope? Elara will be listening to any concerns from the people.

Shrikewall Rises
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