Fall of the Stag Lord

The heroes set about exploring further south into the Kamelands, in order to be sure of the area surrounding the Stag Lord’s fort. They came across a Gnome caravan in trouble, and helped rescure their wagon of supplies from a river. The Northropple expedition hosted the heroes as guests that night, and traded information on locations throughout the greenbelt. A valuable new ally was likely gained for the future.

Eventually, (after a harrowing shared nightmare involving a Winter Wolf named “Howl of the North Wind”) The time had come to essay the Stag Lord’s fort. A short scouting mission revealed a secret entrance, but the heroes were discovered and forced to attempt to bluff their way inside. This failed spectacularly, and the heroes ended up having to set up a distraction and making their way back to the secret entrance.

Once inside, battle was joined almost at once. A number of bandits and their leaders set upon the heroes, and were dispatched without too much fuss. The Stag Lord himself made an appearance and attempted to assassinate Nikolai, but was incapacitated, knocked off a wall, and stabbed in the face. Shortly thereafter, an enraged Owlbear that had been kept captive in the fort attacked, and had to be put down. Toward the end of the fight, one of the bandit leaders, Akiros, switched sides and began to fight alongside the heroes.

After the battle Akiros told of a crazy old man who was kept in the cellar, and so the heroes descended to investigate. They were attacked by a lunatic Druid in the form of a wolverine, along with his summoned minions. After this battle, the fort was secured, looted, and inventoried. Akiros was offered the chance to atone for his life as a bandit, and was placed on a kind of probation under the care of Johd.

The Stag Lord’s body was thrown into the river and claimed by the spirit of Davik Nettles, who kept his word and left behind a magic ranseur as payment.

A few days after returning to Oleg’s, a missive arrived from Restov granting the heroes the right to establish a Kingdom in the Stolen Lands, and administer it as they saw fit. They were also granted a substantial amount of funds to jump start their endeavor.


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