Exploring the Greenbelt

Upon returning from the Temple of the Elk with Father Johd, the heroes took a few weeks of downtime. Trading, buying, and selling was taken care of, as well as a number of improvements to Oleg’s. Alara used the time to teach Featherbark a number of new tricks, and Petru ordered an Alchemist’s crafting station.

Once the team was content with their preparations, they supplied themselves and set forth once again into the Greenbelt. They met and befriended the two faeries that had been plaguing them. They discovered and slew two Tatzlwyrms and one very angry Tuskgutter (mmm Head Cheese). They found Nettle’s crossing and accepted the undead keeper’s request of the Stag Lord’s body. A number of other interesting things were discovered, among them another monument to Erastil.

A gnarled old sycamore standing sentinel among the hills of the Kamelands revealed itself to be atop the lair of a tribe of Mites; hateful little blue fey (essentially anti-gnomes) who are at war with the local Kobolds. The heroes went through the tribe like a hot sword through head cheese, only having difficulty with the chief — though in honesty it was the giant tick that posed the threat. Discovered within the lair was also a Kobold captive, from whom the heroes learned of the Sootscale Tribe’s location and current Shaman troubles.

The heroes agreed to meet with Chief Sootscale and see what aid they could render. In their meeting with the Kobold chieftain (all hail King Torg) they learned of a power struggle with the tribe’s Shaman, a mean purple Kobold named Tartuk. The PCs agreed to face Tartuk in return for a peace deal with the Sootscales, and their promise to lay off innocent travellers.

The confrontation with Tartuk was swift and brutal, but the heroes (mainly through the pummeling applied by Nikolai and Featherbark) slew the Kobold Sorcerer. In his possessions, they discovered Svetlana’s wedding ring, which they were excited to return to it’s rightful owners. They also discovered a journal with a scroll of Fly hidden in its pages, but it will require magic or study to read the contents.

Upon returning to Olegs, the heroes reported their myriad successes and received a great amount of accolades and rewards. Also awaiting was an official imperative from Restov to deal with the Stag Lord once and for all; the reward for which is to be exclusive rights to establish and administer an official settlement in the Greenbelt.


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