A Kingdom won with blood sweat and tears, though mostly blood...

Hard times descended upon Shrikewall and its environs. Its leader, the brash young noble Nikolai, was slain in battle. Petru took up the mantle of leadership, but the land was truly shaken by the event. An organized force of militant trolls began harrying the populace beyond the city’s protection, and the leaders of Erastland (with the help of a new Dwarven companion) set out to curb the threat. On the way, they encountered an Elven keep from before the time of Earthfall, haunted by a trio of evil Fae creatures. After a harrowing and drawn-out battle, the heroes emerged victorious; but at great cost. Petru was killed by the villainous fae and upon hearing the news the kingdom slipped into even more turmoil.

A reincarnation spell was acquired and Petru was returned to life, albeit in the body of a half orc. At about this time, Petru’s mother arrived with the remnants of their household from Ustalav and assumed the role of Regent.

Once again the heroes set forth to confront the trolls, this time encountering a Dryad in need of rescuing and a Nixie/Lumberjack standoff. These situations were settled and the kingdom obtained a few much-needed allies. In a rather surprising turn of events, the heroes encountered a fabled Hodag and managed to slay the beast. Somewhere in Shrikewall a much-maligned lumberjack is having the last laugh.

At last the heroes discovered the Troll lair, deep wthin an ancient dwarven outpost. The trolls proved formidable, however. The Dwarf Balgrif met his end at the claws of a horrific ettin/troll halfbreed. The heroes were forced to leave and regroup, hiring the assistance of the half-elven fighter Kyranos, and an Aasimar paladin of Erastil named Danya. At last the heroes defeated the troll leader Hurgalka, though at the cost of the paladin’s life, and the threat to shrikewall was ended… or so it seemed until their return home.

Upon returning, the leaders of Erastland found their capital in ruins, the apparent victim of a giant rampaging owlbear. With the future of the nascent kingdom hanging by a thread, the heroes reincarneted Danya as a half-elf and set forth immediately to find and slay the owlbear.

A swift and vicious fight followed, but the monster fell and the heroes survived – for once without casualty – to return victoriously home, though not before discovering the fact that the owlbear seemed to have been set against shrikewall intentionally…

With these threats eliminated and a new inspiring leader in charge (the Paladin Danya assumed command and reorganized Erastland into a Theocracy) the land saw a year of nearly uninterrupted prosperity and expansion. The town of Tazylford was founded and flourished. A bard, seemingly hired by some outside force intent on disrupting the heroes efforts, was discovered and routed. A cult of Gyronna was found and eradicated.

Now only a few more miles of countryside need exploring before the leaders of Erastland can truly focus on creating the kingdom they desire.

Troubling whispers have begun to reach their ears, however; all commerce and communication with the town of Varnhold (created by another group of Brevoy-backed adventureres in the east) has ceased, and people are becoming concerned…


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