Kazar "Kaz" Ausk

Half-Orc Ranger from the River Kingdoms.


Young and beastial for a half-orc, he got the ugly but not so much the size. (for an orc anyways)
Still a solid 6’4" tall, keeps his hood on to hide his appearance as much as possible and keep his bald head warm. Although both his eyes are still there, he lost use of his left eye at an early age, his aim has not suffered for it.


Another unfortunate result of human and orc confrontations, This young half-orc was left to die out in the wilds of the river kingdoms. Too young to remember if he was abandoned by his parents or taken after they were killed. His fate was left in the hands of a small bandit group whose leader had the foresight to recognize that a young half-orc would quickly grow up to be a strong warrior.

Given the name Kazar Ausk by his adopted family, Kaz grew up being the proverbial whipping boy, errand boy and punching bag among the brigands. Life was chaotic at best, and only through Kaz’s intellect and reasoning skills, was he able to keep his head and not fall prey to all the dangers of running with a bandit group. Throughout the years either due to inner fighting, betrayal, constant battles, and general poor conditions, none of the original bandits that Kaz remembered remained. Such was life in the river kingdoms and a lesson that Kaz learned quickly.

Kaz grew up smart and strong, and had he been human he would have excelled and be welcome anywhere he went, but due to his lineage he had to work hard for his meager living. Usually outlasting his bandit cohorts Kaz began hiring out his services as an independent contractor of sorts. Finding that being able to hop around from group to group made him more gold and he was not usually around long enough for the typical betrayal that comes from becoming complacent. He even began taking honest work if the price was right. Kaz was his own man and looked out for himself above all. When offers began coming in for the heads of former colleagues and partners of his, Kaz gave little thought to loyalty, as he figured they would meet their fate soon enough anyways, why should he not gain from it. Knowledgeable in tracking and his prey being the ones who raised him, Kaz was effective and efficient in his new profession of bounty hunting.

This of course now puts Kaz in a tight spot, as now those same bandits he once roamed with want his head, and not welcome in lawful civilized society due to his background and race, Kaz needs to establish himself as a force not to be taken lightly, someone with power who can control his own fate.

Kazar "Kaz" Ausk

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